WeWin4u is the UK’s best automatic competition entry site. We will enter your details into more free competitions than anyone else to win YOU great prizes.

With a 14-year history of excellent customer service, WeWin4u members have won money, holidays, gadgets and much, much more without lifting a finger, and for less than the price of one lottery ticket a week.

Let us show you the smart way to win.


Competitions Added
Since March 2006
Now entering for prizes
worth £ 175,250 including...
  • £29,500 Cash & Vouchers

  • 3 Cars

  • 33 Holidays

  • 2 TVs & Computers

  • 4 Phones & Gadgets

  • 42 Fashion & Beauty

  • 58 Home & Garden

Winning you internet competitions effortlessly

  • Total prize value £175,250

  • £29,500 Cash & Vouchers

  • 33 Holidays

  • 2 TVs & Computers

  • 4 Phones & Gadgets

  • 42 Fashion & Beauty

  • 58 Home & Garden

What we do

What we do is simple – we find companies promoting their products or services using online competitions, and then enter your details into them. If your name is picked, you get the prize.

传奇sfThere are literally thousands of great prizes available every year that someone has to win. Obviously luck plays its part, but with WeWin4u you can enter hundreds of competitions every month without spending hours online.

How it works

Our expert prize finders locate the competitions then we teach our custom-built software to enter your details into the websites automatically.  It can enter you into dozens of quality competitions in the time you might spend doing one, and of course it never gets bored, gets the answer wrong or forgets a closing date.

传奇sfIt will even complete Captchas for you, something no other automatic entry service will do.

When you subscribe with us we’ll ask for the details most entry forms need, and you can use a brand new email account just for competitions, so your usual Inbox won’t get filled with spam.

Naturally, we’ll decline all offers that lead to junk mail so you just have to sit back, and with a little luck, wait for the prizes to roll in.

Sign up takes only minutes and you can choose the types of prizes you would like to win, and they will come directly to you as if you had entered the competition yourself.

We’ve created hundreds of winners since 2006 and our WeWin4u winners page proves our system really works. With your My Entries page you can check your entries 24 hours a day, and each month we’ll email you a statement showing which competitions you’ve entered, the date and time you were entered for them, and when they close.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll win, but we do know that if you’re not entered, your chances of winning are zero.

So if you’ve been tempted by the prizes on offer, but have got better things to do than fill in box after box, let WeWin4u do the donkey work.

Automatic competition entry is the smart way to win online competitions, why not take a moment to see how people just like you are winning great prizes with no effort at all.

Britain’s Best Value

You can sign up in a just a few minutes and we’ll start entering you into competitions today, there’s no need to wait.

传奇sfThe longer you sign up for the cheaper it gets – all we ask is that you sign up for at least 3 months at a time.

Every membership includes a monthly email showing the competitions you have entered plus 24-hour access to your latest entries on our My Entries page

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What our customers say….

Have only been a member for a couple of months but have just received my first prize which is a computer monitor, it's a great piece of kit to have. Only took out a 6 month length of membership as I was a little sceptical but will certainly renew it for a full year. Also a friend of mine has taken out a membership and so I have got an extension of 10 days on my subscription. Happy days!

Peter Somerset 传奇sf